Saint Michael Defend Us is Book 1 in my C’ville Stories series.

Anchored to the past, can two damaged souls solve a string of murders and heal themselves in the process?

Laura McDuffy is finished with men and relationships. Nate Miller believes he’s too broken to even begin a relationship. These childhood friends must journey into painful pasts to solve the murders of their grade school classmates. Can two damaged people heal each other, and maybe find love along the way?


Only Trust Your Heart is Book 3 in The Murphys series.

A smart girl thinks with her head, but sometimes she needs to go with her heart instead.

Detective Zachary Jones has more secrets than a CIA spy. He’s hardened himself against emotion and moves from one woman to the next, giving his body but never his heart. Dr. Megan Murphy is a sleep deprived ER resident with a weakness for romance fiction. She’s been crushing on him for ten long years and now that she’s all grown up he sees the woman she’s become. She has the skills to mend her patients, but can she heal his heart?


Hello, Goodbye is Book 2 in The Murphys series.

Mr. Push Pull is about to meet Ms. Irresistible Force. The result? Explosive!

Ryan Murphy and Jenn Kowalski were made for each other. Convincing him of this may take some persuasion. She’s a no nonsense girl who doesn’t believe in tiptoeing her way through life. He’s a damaged man who can’t trust a woman. Can she pull him in before he pushes her away?


Play It Again, Dan is the first book in The Murphys series.  It’s a hot, sexy romance with a little suspense and a lot of humor.

Of all the pubs in all the world, he had to walk into hers.

Falling in love is easy, right? Tell that to Kate Shaw, the queen of failed relationships. Kate’s never been in love and believes she’s incapable of emotional connections. Enter Detective Daniel Murphy. Can he convince her that what they share is forever? He’s playing for keeps; she better keep up.